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E3 2013 Preview: 5 Things We Expect to See

From the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to all of the new PC and mobile games you can handle, E3 2013 is sure to be the biggest in years. In preparation for the gaming event to end all gaming events, we sifted through all of the information on the intertubes and sorted through what we already know to come up with this list of five things we expect to see at E3. And don't forget to check back with us starting June 10th for all of our coverage from the show floor.

PlayStation 4 Finally Revealed

When Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 back in February, the company blew us away with all of the features the console is expected to come packing with as well as killer PlayStation 4 games. Content sharing via the new Share button on the redesigned DualShock controller was a big draw, as was the planned integration of cloud gaming. Sony did, however, leave out a few key details, including pricing and availability, not to mention what the system looks like. We're expecting the company to let fly with all of these details and more during its massive press event on June 10th. And we'll be bringing you all of the news live.

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Xbox One Pricing and Availability

Unlike Sony, Microsoft went all out with the Xbox One's reveal. Not only did Redmond show off its console, but it gave those in attendance a taste of what it has to offer including live TV integration, social integration and interactive NFL game fun. But Microsoft didn't let all of the details slip. The company is still holding out on pricing and availability for its latest console. Microsoft also announced during its initial reveal that the Xbox One would launch with 15 exclusive titles, and we expect to get a good look at each of them during the show.

Microsoft's event is a big moment for the Xbox One. Many analysts and gamers were disappointed with the system's May unveiling due to the company's decision to position the console as an entertainment system rather than a pure gaming platform. We'll see if Microsoft can get its gaming swagger back during its press event on June 10.

Games, Games and More Games

What's a video game conference without video games? We're expecting to see a bonanza of new titles from AAA publishers and indie developers that will melt your face. So far, we know we'll be seeing games like "Destiny," "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "Watch Dogs." These games will be landing on everything from consoles to PCs and are sure to get the throngs of E3 goers (and those following along at home) frothing at the mouth.

More Focus on Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the biggest thing going, and we're not just talking about Nintendo's 3DS or Sony's PlayStation Vita. We're talking about titles for Android, iOS and Nvidia's Tegra Zone. We're expecting to see a variety of games being ported to mobile, or developed specifically for the aforementioned operating systems and stores. A great example is the recently announced "Halo: Spartan Assault" for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets. We'll be sure to get some hands-on time with as many of these games as possible.

Indie Titles Galore

Thanks to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, Steam and Sony's PlayStation store, indie gaming has been catapulted into the mainstream. Superb titles such as "Super Meat Boy," "Journey," "Braid," "Hotline Miami" and others have helped gamers realize that indie games can have as much of an impact as any title from a major developer. With the popularity of indie games at an all-time high, it stands to reason that we'll see a large amount of fresh options debut on gaming's biggest stage next week.