DXG's $180 Pocket Cam Shoots in 1080p

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dxg-581vWe weren't surprised when we learned about the DXG-581V, a $180 pocket camcorder that shoots in 1080p: the company is known for breaking price barriers. In the past, our verdict has been, "you get what you pay for."

In addition to shooting 1920 x 1080 video, it snaps 8-megapixel photos, and houses a voice recorder. Its SD card slot reads cards as large as 8GB (the Kodak Zi6 accommodates cards as large as 32GB).

It has a rotating, 2.4-inch screen, which is large for its class, and comes with ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme editing software.

This time around, DXG's strategy of targeting young, budget-oriented consumers with inexpensive (but often low-grade) products might be a little more appropriate given the category at hand; YouTube camcorders, after all, were designed to be portable and cheap, not the best quality.

Then again, we've seen pretty good quality from several pocket cams, not just the Zi6, but the Pure Digital Flip Mino HD, too. And now that Sony has announced two sub-$200 pocket camcorders, we'll be interested to see if the twenty-dollar difference is enough to lure customers away from the big guys.

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  • Samantha STeinwinder Says:

    DXG camcorders have come a LONG way and are great for the budget-minded consumer. Their HD products are under $150 bucks and compete very well with the Flip. Don't give up on DXG. They have some very interesting products slated for 2009!

  • Cynt Says:

    Probably best avoid DXG stuff entirely. They are a new company without much experience making cameras (made watches until very recently) and you can do much better elsewhere. They are pretty incompetent all the way around. If you want quality, try Canon or Sony and avoid the Chinese manufacturers, because they really are pretty clueless as to what they are doing. Cheap price, cheap stuff, etc. Thanks.

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