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Rumored Motorola Droid 5 with QWERTY Keyboard Leaks

Motorola appears to be prepping something for old-school thumb typists, in addition to their latest touchscreen smartphones such as the Moto X. According to a series of leaked photos, Motorola users might be able to enjoy a new Droid phone with a full QWERTY keyboard sometime in the future.

The images, leaked via Chinese website Weibo, show off the alleged Droid 5 with a slide-out physical keyboard similar to the recently revealed LG Enact. The device packs a similar keyboard to the Droid 4 and appears to be running on Android 4.0.3. The phone has a roughly 4.3-inch screen, with front and rear-facing camera lenses. Motorola has yet to make an official announcement regarding this potential Droid 5, with the Droid Ultra and Moto X currently holding the attention of Motorola smartphone enthusiasts.

Considering the outdated operating system and the labeled Droid Razr HD label on this Verizon handset give us pause at whether this rumor is credible. 

Smartphones with fully-physical keyboards are hard to find these days, with the NEC Terrain and BlackBerry Q10 being a couple of exceptions. Despite the popularity of Motorola's touch-oriented products, the manufacturer could once again satisfy a niche market of users who would prefer not to do their texting and e-mailing on a touch screen. With select manufacturers still holding on to the physical keyboard, could we see a QWERTY revival in the future?

via Weibo