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Don Yourself in Anti-Predator Clothing with Stealth Wear

Beware of the drones! Sensors, hidden cameras and the like have long been tracking your every move, and New York-based artist Adam Harvey aims to change that. His Stealth Ware clothing line, which was unveiled yesterday via Primitive in London, consists of garments designed to thwart thermal imaging.

The clothing line was apparently created by Harvey to "challenge authoritarian surveillance" with fashion, according to Primitive's website. Made in collaboration with New York City designer Johanna Bloomfield, the line include an anti-drone hoodie, an anti-drone scarf, an XX-shirt and an Off Pocket.  The anti-drone items will thwart thermal imaging, the shirt uses X-ray shielding to protect your heart from X-ray radiation and the Off Pocket is an anti-phone accessory that lets you zero your cellphone's signal.

Although there is no pricing or availability yet on the line, it can be exhibited at Primitive in London this month.