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Digital Cork Concept Uses Wi-Fi to Track Your Wine's Quality

Unless you have a temperature-optimized wine cooler, judging how well your prized bottles are holding up is a hit-or-miss affair. As Dvice reports, the Digital Cork concept from Eun-ji Lim and Kwang-wi Park aims to save you from the pain of taste-testing vino that might not be fit for serving.

The device acts like any other bottle stopper, except the added power of a sensor that goes into the bottleneck combines with Wi-Fi connectivity to track the wine’s storage temperature and display it on the device’s mini-screen, along with information about when the bottle was opened and when it will expire. The Digital Cork is also designed to alert oenophiles when the temperature falls above or below the optimal range for serving via an associated smartphone app.

Lim and Park even envision the Digital Cork alerting users when their bottles are at the perfect age for consumption. We imagine dedicated collectors would foam at the mouth over such a precise gadget, though they’ll have to make do with plain old thermometers until some Chardonnay-sipping investors make the Korean designers’ concept a reality.

Via Dvice