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CTIA's President Says We're Heading Toward Wireless Gridlock, Calls for More Spectrum

President and CEO of CTIA Steve Largent made a strong plea for more spectrum at today's opening keynote for the CTIA Wireless & Enterprise show, citing a data crunch that has led to 104 percent wireless penetration. Largent says that there are now more wireless connections than people, and that data traffic is up 110 percent year over year.

Not only has their been a 56 percent increase in smartphones, Android and iOS are serious data hogs compared to feature phones. A study found that an Android or iPhone device uses the equivalent amount of data as 100 regular cell phones. Because of this huge demand, Largent claims we're heading toward wireless gridlock.

The CTIA head is calling for a voluntary auction for wasted broadcast spectrum, which could give as much as $30 billion to the U.S. Treasury.  He also said that the wireless industry could benefit from repurposed government spectrum. The argument is that the investments made by the wireless industry would lead to more jobs and economic growth.

Stay tuned for more news from CTIA Wireless & Applications 2011.