Creepy Budweiser Buddy Cups Let You Facebook Friend With a Tap

Here's a reason to drink Budweiser, if you needed one in the first place. The beer company's new "Buddy Cup" enhances your digital social life. By toasting with someone using a "Buddy Cup," you can become Facebook friends.

The cups were created by Budweiser's Brazilian branch, and use a high-tech "bump sensor" chip to connect to your Facebook account. A QR code on the bottom of the cup syncs with a Budweiser app, which then links the cup to your account. That way, anytime you tap cups with someone else using a "Buddy Cup," you're instantly Facebook friends.

Keep in mind, though, that by using the "Buddy Cup" you'll be welcoming more ads on your Facebook account and giving Budweiser access to all of your information. And here's the flip side: While this could be a great way to instantly become Facebook friends with someone you just met (which comes particularly in handy when you've had one too many to even remember that person's name later to Facebook friend them), you could have random people at the bar Facebook friending you just by tapping your glass. So keep it close.

The cups, for now, are just prototypes, and available only in Brazil.

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