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Most Cheaters Use Smartphones, Apps to Contact Lovers

Smartphones have seemingly changed every aspect of our lives for the better. But there are some drawbacks. Smartphones enable people to bury their noses in the handsets rather than talking, keep workers constantly connected to the office when they should be relaxing and, oh yeah, make it much easier for cheaters to step out on their spouses.

According to a survey by Victoria Milan, a website for married and attached people looking for some extracurricular activities, cheaters are more likely to contact their side pieces from their smartphones than from their home computers. Of the 3,500 American men and women who took part in the survey, 83 percent claimed they contacted their "special friends" from their phones.

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Of those people, 56 percent said they contacted their jump offs through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or some other social media service. Only 15 percent said that they got in touch with their lovers via text message, while 9 percent used email.

The sneakiest of the bunch, 31 percent, said they used prepaid phones to reach out to their paramours. The James Bonds of the surveyed group, 11 percent, said they even used a secret SIM card to contact their illicit lovers.

Of course, the aforementioned cheaters could avoid having to go through all of this trouble and, you know, not cheat on their significant others. But they, who are we to judge?