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Channel Your Inner Meteorologist With Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Have you always had a desire to be a meteorologist? Could you spend all day watching The Weather Channel? Do you want to track the weather around you, inside and outside? Netatmo lets you become your own personal weather-person with its Urban Weather Station, available today at Brookstone for $179.

The Urban Weather Station is a personal weather station with air quality sensors that lets users track indoor and outdoor weather elements such as temperature, air quality, humidity, barometric pressure, noise and CO2 concentration. Syncing your results to the Netatmo app (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices), the weather station lets you access info from wherever. So if you want to plan an itinerary for a weekend trip to the beach or just know how hot it is in your house before you get home from a long day at work, the Urban Weather Station can help.

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This clever accessory sends users real-time alerts to provide them with useful information about weather conditions, such as if there's a lot of unhealthy indoor air accumulating in their home or when it's the best time to go for a long run. And if users ever want to go back and track the info, they can log onto their free online account, which stores all the measurements and data.