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Case-Mate Superheros Guard Your Phone

With great phones comes great responsibility. That's why Case-Mate, a leading maker of mobile accessories, has enlisted crime-fighting superheros like Spider-man, Thor and Captain America to guard your smartphone from villainous scratch marks and the incessant perils of malicious fingerprints. The series of Marvel Comics-inspired phone cases are available for $35 for iPhones, some BlackBerrys, and the Samsung Galaxy S, the company announced today.

"We all remember running around the kitchen wearing a cape, fighting evil villains and pretending to be our favorite superhero," said Shashi Reddy, Case-Mate chief executive officer, in the press release. "A Case-Mate Marvel phone case is like a cape -- an outward expression of who we are and what we love."

Thankfully an iPhone cover is a lot more socially acceptable than wearing a cape around the office, so if you're itching to turn your favorite crime-fighter into a grime-fighter, head this way, where each character offers three different designs. There's also an iPhone Tough Case for those Spidey fans who need a boosted exoskeleton.