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Become a Better Person While You Sleep With Me Clock

AUSTIN ( — Amazing things can happen overnight, at least according to Me Clock, a new system that helps you become a better person while you sleep. Me Clock comes in two different forms, an iPhone app and a standalone alarm clock, each which use subliminal programming to help you achieve your goals, giving motivational speeches while you lay in bed.

The bedside alarm clock is the ideal form of the Me Clock. Rather than watching TV or playing on the computer before bed, you activate the Me Clock, which softly lulls you to sleep with positive affirmations and soothing sounds, shutting off after around 15 minutes. The clock remains silent throughout the night but turns back on around 90 minutes before wake-up time, whispering you sweet sayings while you're in the deepest part of your sleep cycle. The iPhone app works similarly, but requires headphones while sleeping.

There are multiple different programs available, depending on a user's individual goals. There are programs to help users accomplish tangible goals, like losing weight or quitting smoking, and also more broad programs, such as improving cognitive ability or attracting wealth. The theory behind Me Clock is that positive thinking can help attain goals, so programming your brain while you sleep will help you achieve anything you want.

Positive life changes with Me Clock, however, won't come cheap. The alarm clock costs $299 and includes a few different programs, but audio recording for specific goals much be purchased separately for $79.99 each. The iPhone app is a free download, but each program costs $29.99 via in-app purchase. Users can preorder the standalone Me Clock tomorrow, with units shipping in April, and the iPhone app will be available at the end of the month.