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Check Your Partner's STD Status at SXSW 2013

Going to South by Southwest this year? More specifically, are you going to SXSW this year to get lucky? The annual music, film and interactive conference has become somewhat of a sex-fest over the recent years, with travelers all converging in one place, excited about the new art and technology they're seeing all at once, to the point where they just need to have sex with a stranger. But don't worry about being irresponsible in your rendez-vous; ensures that you'll stay sexually safe during your stay in Austin.

Free site compiles STD results of those attending SXSW. So, if you're attending and want to find a preferably clean partner, you can use the site to receive private STD results via text message or online. It's a good concept, we guess, to ensure that people know what they're getting themselves into before sleeping with a stranger (because we all know that what happens in Austin doesn't necessarily stay in Austin). But we can't see it actually pulling through: Who would actually post on the site that they have herpes? That's one surefire way to ensure people avoid locking eyes with you, let alone locking lips.

Regardless, it could be interesting to track how many users gathers during SXSW, and whether it actually helps people make educated sexual decisions. A word of advice in the meantime? Stay safe, you crazy techie spring breakers.