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Beamz DJ Kit Makes Music With Infrared Rays, Smartphone Apps

There are plenty of DJ apps and accessories out there, but the new Beamz music kit can jam out without even hitting a button. Backed by rapper Flo Rida, Beamz by Flo is a $250 music station that allows you to alter a variety of hit songs by simply passing your hands through a series of infrared beams. We went hands-on with Beamz at Toy Fair 2014, and enjoyed how easy it was to feel like a real DJ just by moving our fingers back and forth.

 The black Beamz console sports three pillars which create two infrared beams on each side. To start making music, you connect Beamz to any Mac, PC or iOS device running the free Beamz app and pick one of the free songs included with it, including hits from Coldplay, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. A different instrument will be assigned to each of the four beams once the song starts, so you'll be able to pluck guitar notes on one beam while altering the bass on another. 

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You can use the free Beamz app without the accessory by simply tapping or clicking on each respective instrument, but we liked the effortless sense of improvisation that the console afforded us. After flailing our hands about to different rhythms, we felt ready to take on the world... or at least a crowd that would be impressed by our fake DJ skills. 

Beamz' starting song library includes more than 15 free offerings, with additional song bundles available for purchase. You can use the app to record and share your creations. Beamz by Flo carries a hefty price tag at $250, but it holds some serious potential as a party-starter for those willing to plunk down the cash for it.