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Barbie Photo Fashion Sports a 5-MP Camera, Photo Customization

We admit it: Every time a Barbie press release lands in our inbox, we wonder just how exactly a doll fits into a tech outlet's Toy Fair coverage. Sure, there was Computer Engineer Barbie a few years ago, but that product was teched-up in name only. And Video Girl Barbie did have some shooting and editing capabilities, but most of the video fun happened on the computer, not the doll itself. We have to hand it to Mattel, though: The new Barbie Photo Fashion has some solid gadget cred.

Barbie Photo Fashion is a version of the popular doll that doubles as a digital camera. A 5-megapixel shooter is built into Barbie's torso, letting users snap photos which can be transferred to a PC via the doll's USB port. The Barbie Photo Fashion also offers frames and effects to customize those photos. A corresponding website lets users (ok, let's be honest, girls) further customize their images with Barbie backgrounds and more.

Mattel says the Barbie can hold more than 100 photos. The Photo Fashion will hit shelves in August with an MSRP of $49.99.