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Chinese Search Engine Baidu Working On Project Glass-Like Device

Google may be synonymous with search here in the United States, but in China there is a different search giant: Baidu. China Daily is reporting that, like Google, Baidu is working on a wearable headset computer, developing a prototype that has many of the features of the upcoming Project Glass. The device, which is being called Baidu Eye, has an LCD display, voice control, image recognition and bone conduction.

Also like Project Glass, Baidu Eye would be an open platform that would support third-party applications. Google's Project Glass offers picture and video capturing capabilities as well as turn-by-turn navigation, features that most likely will appear on the Baidu headset as well. For now, additional features will be left in the hands of independent developers.

There's no word yet about the pricing of the Baidu Eye, but it would most likely rival the $1,500 price of Google's Project Glass. Additionally, the Baidu Eye is still a prototype, while Glass is expected to be released by the end of 2013, so Google will most likely still beat its Chinese competitor to market.

Via China Daily, TechinAsia, Photo credit Sina