ASUS CEO: 3D Tablets, Android and Meego Notebooks Coming

In an interview with Russian tech site at CeBIT, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen talked about his company's plans for 2011, plans which include releasing 3D slates and notebooks running Android and Meego rather than Windows.

Talking tablets, Jerry Shen revealed that ASUS plans to release a slate with a 3D screen, though he didn't say whether it would require glasses. He also asserted that mobile quad core processors are just around the corner and that Google Android tablets have the ability to win versus the Apple iPad. When asked about phones Mr. Shen said that ASUS's handset focus is on Android but that the new Windows Phone 7 platform showed promise especially with the newly announced support from Nokia.

When it came to laptops and netbooks, Shen said he was certain that there will still be a viable market for portable PCs, explaining the different roles they play when compared to tablets and that different regions have different preferences and that 30% of users want a hardware keyboard. He also revealed that ASUS will be releasing laptop models running MeeGo and Android.

via and BGR