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Archos's Arnova 8 G2 Shows Up At FCC

Archos's Arnova 8 G2 looks like it will be making its way to our shores. The tablet made an appearance with the FCC earlier this week and showed off its 8-inch design, according to Netbooknews. The device is expected to run Android Gingerbread 2.3 and be powered by a 1-GHz processor.

Engadget says the Arnova 8 G2 should also provide 4GB of storage space and a microSD card slot. Expect the device to feature USB 2.0 slots, Wi-Fi, and an accelerometer. Tablets Planet says the device will also include a front-facing camera. Archos may forgo using the Android Market and instead load the Arnova 8 G2 with AppsLib.

We've reviewed a few Archos tablets in the past, and they always seemed to have one significant flaw or another that kept them from being truly outstanding. There isn't any pricing information available for the Arnova 8 G2, but both Netbooknews and Engadget see it selling for between roughly $150 and $200.

via Netbooknews, Engadget, and Tablets Planet