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Get World Cup 2014 Match Times on Your Keyboard

World Cup fever is in full swing, and who has time to open up a separate app to check out match schedules? A.I.type for Android devices launched a new theme that puts World Cup updates right on your keyboard so you can keep tabs on your favorite team as you compose emails and messages.

Those who already use A.I.type need to make sure they have at least version 2.2, then open up the themes section from the app to install the World Cup skin. Otherwise, you'll have to download either A.I.type free or Plus ($3.99) before installing the free special edition theme. The Plus version offers word prediction and more personalization options. 

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The new theme offers up the schedule for the day, including flags, times and dates. While we like the colors and graphics on the new theme, we found the flags at the sides of the keyboard a little distracting and even obtrusive. We had difficulty finding far-flung letters such as 'L' and 'K' because the Netherlands' flag was in the way. Even with our familiarity with the layout of a keyboard, this made our typing less accurate and we ended up writing "eirkd" instead of "world."

You still get to use the goodies of A.I.type such as grammar check, swipe typing, search and voice narration. Dragging the double-headed arrow at the top right of the keyboard lets you resize the keyboard. Soccer fans may find the new theme handy, but this skin is more a novel gimmick than a useful, clean layout.