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3D-Printed Eyewear Company Gets Crowdfunded

As 3D printers become more popular and accessible, businesses are finding new ways to use the technology to deliver unique products. That's exactly what startup Protos Eyewear is trying to accomplish with their 3D-printed glasses. The group's aim is to allow customers to design a set of frames that best suits their style, which would then be 3D-printed and shipped out. Protos still needs additional resources to launch their ideal customer interface, so the small company has started a crowd-funding campaign in an attempt to bring their ambitious idea to life.

According to their official website, Protos Eyewear is a team of five who have been refining their product for the past two years. By using 3D printing, they can create frames that traditional manufacturing methods might not allow for, which leads to a near-infinite amount of possibilities for customers.  Protos claims that their printing process doesn't create waste, and that their frames are made from environmentally-friendly bio-plastic. 

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The campaign is currently underway and the company aims to raise $25,000 in about two months. Backers are rewarded based on their donations, ranging from a 3D-printed iPhone case for a $50 donation all the way to a $9,999 package that includes an all-expense paid trip to the company's crowd-funding party and one pair of frames for life.