2011 Lappy Awards: Best Laptop Features of the Year

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What separates a good laptop from a great one? That’s a tricky question, because there’s no single answer. It could be a supremely comfortable typing experience, speakers that blow you away, or a design so sleek it feels like it’s from the future. Our first-annual Lappy Awards recognize this excellence with prizes in 12 categories, including the above attributes and a host of other specific features that make our winners a cut above the rest.

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  • Jon M Says:

    The best keyboard + trackpad is hands down the MacBook Air. Just visit the nearest Apple store to try it for yourself. The wedge shape leads to a comfortable wrist rest. The keys have just the right amount of travel and cushion that it's almost effortless yet gives enough tactile feedback. And no worries about keys popping out.

  • Mary Says:

    Joe, have you ever tried a thinkpad keyboard? It won't make a difference if you only type with two fingers; but if you spend hours touch typing at time, this is the best laptop keyboard you can get. I had a Dell Latitude for over 3 years and when my company finally upgraded me to the ThinkPad X220, it was a huge difference.

    Even worse are the now widespread chiclet or island style keyboards. The keys are far apart, they have no curved surface, and they are typically harder to press.

  • Joe Says:

    I don't understand what is so great about this keyboard?

  • Catherine A. McClarey Says:

    You mean those Lenovo ads where the parachutist has to get the Lenovo to boot & deploy its chute before it crashes (to show how Lenovo laptops have the fastest boot time) are a lie? Has Apple tried the "boot to deploy parachute" test on a MacBook Air yet? ;)

  • Rafael Kireyev Says:

    I think Lenovo is a good computers! But I don't know exactly. I never used it, yet.

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