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10 Reasons to Use Foursquare

Since its launch a few years ago, Foursquare has accumulated millions of users eager to collect the location-based service’s rewards. Plus, the recently added Explore feature makes recommendations specifically for you.

Be an Explorer

Use the Explore tab to find what you want. You can enter such search terms as “barbecue,” “sports bar” or “park” to get recommendations in your area. It takes into account where you’ve already been, lists you follow, time of day and other check-ins before it makes a recommendation.

Turn off Push Notifications

Push notifications are useful for figuring out where your friends have just checked in, but if you want to save juice on your phone, you can turn notifications off. Go to the Me tab, press Settings > Notification Settings. Adjust which notifications you want in what medium, and Mute the rest.

Take Advantage of Radar

Pressing the Radar icon in the top lef t of your Friends tab will retrieve better location-based results on your device. If you follow a list or have a To-Do list, Foursquare will tell you when you’re close to one of those locations, or when you’re near your friends.

Create a To-Do List

You can add items to your To-Do List by clicking the green +Save button. From the pop-up, check the box next to “My To-Do List.” Once you’ve been to that place, click the +Save button again, then un-check the box next to “My To-Do List” to keep your list updated.

Leave Tips

Using the iPhone app, you can upload photos and leave tips.

  • Press the New Tip button once you’re on a certain destination’s page.
  • Enter your tip, then press the green Leave Tip button in the top right.

Check in at Concerts for Rewards

Now when you check i n on Foursquare at concerts, musicians reward you with encores, meet and greets, free downloads, photos, posters, autographs, food, accessories and apparel. When 100 people checked in at a Gary Clark Jr. concert, he played an encore for his fans.

See if your City has its Own Badge

If your city has its own badge, you can check in to its most popular spots. As of press time, Des Moines, Iowa; Baltimore; Richmond, Va.; Oklahoma City, Okla; and Stamford, Conn., already had their own badges that flaunt their city’s hottest spots. More are coming.

Make Sure that Businesses are Open

Foursquare’s business hours feature allows establishments to post their hours of operation on their profile so you don’t waste a trip.

Link Foursquare with Facebook

Show off your check-ins, badges and mayor-ships on Facebook Timeline. • Go into Settings.

  • Press “Sharing with other networks.”
  • Click Add Facebook.
  • Press “Sign in with Facebook” then “Log In with Facebook.”

Get Your MLS Badge

Soccer fans can enjoy the series of MLS badges this season (the season runs from March to October). If you follow a certain club team on Foursquare and check in at at least one of their games, you earn the badge.