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Looxcie 3 Review

While the Looxcie 3 wearable camera lets you live-stream video to Facebook inexpensively, image quality is lacking.

Dropcam Pro Review

The Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi camera improves upon last year's model in just about every way, making it a great choice for keeping an eye on your home.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has a powerful camera and granular controls for getting the best shot, but its large 10x zoom lens makes this Android smartphone heavy and awkward to hold.

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Review

The Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon action cam lets you record what's ahead and what's behind you at the same time, but the video quality isn't worth it.

Ion Air Pro 2 Review

Ion's second action cam takes great video and has a robust iOS app, but its mounting options could be better.

Contour+2 Review

This excellent wearable action camera records high-quality video, sports a rotating lens and lets you use your smartphone as a viewfinder.

Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi Review

While small and inexpensive, the Sony Action Cam could use improvement.

GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition Review

With its top-notch video quality, compact design and waterproof case, the GoPro Hero3 is an excellent action camera, but it has short battery life.

Drift Innovation HD Ghost Review

The Drift Innovation HD Ghost action cam boasts excellent battery life and a host of shooting options, but the video quality could be better.

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 Review

This Android-powered camera takes great pictures and lets you share them wirelessly, but the lack of 4G and chunky design disappoint.