iTalk's iPod Touch Sleeve Converts Your iPod Into a Smartphone

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For those who don't want to invest all of their cash in a new smartphone, there's now a loophole. That is, as long as your own an iPod Touch. iTalk's iPod Touch Sleeve essentially turns your iPod Touch into a smartphone, albeit a much less expensive smartphone.

The iPod Touch Sleeve snaps onto your iPod Touch, then after the iTalk app is downloaded users can make and receive calls, search the Web and use any Apple app they desire, just like they would on their smartphone. To get the Sleeve working, users must pay $19.90 per month for an Unlimited Nationwide Talk plan and data, plus $29.99 for the Sleeve itself. However, there's no contract needed, like there would be with a Big Four carrier.

iTalk's network is able to offer nationwide voice and data coverage to 280 million people in more than 12,900 cities, and according to iTalk's site, an Android edition is coming soon.

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  • John Reyes Says:

    Hey Molly,

    Whatever happened to italk's ipod touch sleeve? Did the company cancel this?

  • -Hur Says:

    I think Ben doesn't know what an iPod Touch looks like, see here:

    The picture on the article is for an iPod Touch, which if you would have read the article through completely you would have noticed this. You will also notice that your spelling of "pump and dumb" may need a little work. Perhaps the only one who is "dumb" here is you.

    Please don't ruin a company's reputation because you are too lazy to read an article.

  • Ben Says:

    I think this company is a fraud the picture posted on the article is a iPhone 4 not an iPod? Have you seen the product? I think you are being used for a pump and dumb stock scam!

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