Intel launches 11th Gen Core H35-series CPUs for ultra-portable gaming laptops: What you need to know

Intel H35 debuted at CES 2021
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Intel unveiled today a new class of 11th Gen processors designed specifically for ultra-portable gaming laptops. With these chips, Intel is hoping vendors create more gaming notebooks that can double as everyday laptops. For that to happen, Intel created its 11th Gen Intel Core H35 series of chips, which boost the performance of 11th Gen U-series chips without doing too much damage to battery life (at least, that's what Intel tells us).

Leading the way is the 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11375H Special Edition processor with Turbo Boost Max 3.0 for up to 5Ghz Turbo frequencies. The chips use the latest PCIe Gen 4 technology for the fastest connection to the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. Not only should it deliver fast performance but the H35 series processors will allow for gaming in even smaller packages.

11th Gen Intel Core H35-series CPU: Specs

Intel H35

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At the top of the stack is the Core i7-1135H Special Edition, which boasts 4 cores, 8 threads and reaches a maximum single-core turbo of 5.0Ghz at a 28-35W TDP. 

Next in line is the Core i7-11370H with 4 cores, 8 threads and a max single-core clock of 4.8Ghz. It reaches 4.3Ghz with all four cores, matching the Special Edition. 

Last in line is the Core i5-11300H CPU with the same core and thread count as the Core i7 versions but a lower 4.4Ghz single-core clock and 4.0Ghz for all four cores. 

11th Gen Intel Core H35-series CPU: Features

If you're going to play online, you'll need a fast internet connection. To that end, the new 11th Gen H-series chips support Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E, which the company claims to be the "most significant advancement in 20 years." That may be true, but it'll require you to have the right hardware and service plan (a costly one, at that). If you have the proper setup, you should expect near-zero latency and a strong connection, free of interference. 

Intel H35

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Using the 10-nanometer Superfin technology, the new processors have built-in AI that can speed up the latest AI-supported apps and workflows. As I mentioned earlier, Intel wants these portable gaming rigs to work as business laptops or everyday machines. So the company is bringing noise reduction and video enhancement tech to improve the look of video conference calls. 

Other features found on 11th Gen U-series chips are making their way over as well, including Thunderbolt 4 support for 40Gbps transfer speeds. This means you'll get the fastest connection to monitors, docks or storage devices. 

So, what will laptops with these H35 chips look like? Intel says they'll have 14-inch or 15-inch panels, come in at less than 18mm, or 0.7 inches, in height but will still be able to play games at 1080p resolution at 70 frames per second or higher on High settings. 


Intel says 40 ultra-portable gaming laptops will use these 11th Gen H35-series processors in the first of 2021, so we should be able to benchmark the new chips in the coming weeks. Those devices are coming from the regular suspects, including Dell, MSI, Acer and Asus

If the new chips can outperform the best U-series chips without hurting battery life or portability, then we could start seeing the ultimate laptops for gamers — those that are powerful enough to play games, thin enough to take to the office, and fit enough to last a full day on a charge. 

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