How to use Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing
How to use Apple Music Sing (Image credit: Future)

"How to use Apple Music Sing" is a search query that's climbing up the popularity ranks on Google Search. Why? Well, last Tuesday, Apple unleashed a brand spankin' new karaoke feature on Apple Music. It's fittingly called, "Apple Music Sing."

Thanks to Apple Music Sing, users can sing along to tens of millions of songs on the Apple streaming platform. Apple Music Sing also offers background vocals, a duet view feature, and more.

How to use Apple Music Sing

First, you must ensure that your device is compatible with Apple Music Sing. Supported devices include iPhone 11 or newer (including iPhone SE 2022), third-gen 11-inch iPad Pro and later, fourth-gen iPad Air and later, iPad mini 6 and later, ninth-gen iPad and later, and third-gen Apple TV 4K.

Compatible devices should be upgraded to iOS 16.2, iPad OS 16.2 and tvOS 16.2. Once your device meets the aforementioned prerequisites, follow the instructions below on how to use Apple Music Sing.

1. Go to Apple Music (yes, you must have a paid subscription).

2. Find the track that you want to sing along to.

3. Tap on the lyrics-mode icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

How to use Apple Music Sing

How to use Apple Music Sing (Image credit: Apple)

4. If the song is compatible with Apple Music Sing, you should see a tiny microphone icon. Tap on it. You can adjust the amplification of the lead vocals, allowing you to take center stage.

Keep in mind that not every song is compatible with Apple Music Sing. If you don't see the tiny microphone icon, the song you want is unfortunately not supported by Apple Music Sing.

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