Chromebook: a laptop without the hassle

Buying a laptop is a big investment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ageing machine, or are dipping your toes into the PC waters for the first time, you want to get it right. You want a machine that’s quick, powerful, secure and simple to use. You want a Chromebook.

These laptops are powered by Google’s Chrome OS, which combines the features of a computer operating system with the power and convenience of Google’s online search tools. And it brings some unique features to play.

Like the Everything Button, which lets you search both your Chromebook and the internet at the same time. Whatever you’re looking for, be it a file you created, an app, a note you made or the answer to a question, the Everything Button is sure to find it for you.

But that’s not the only unique feature that a Chromebook offers...

Simple, not basic

Setting up your Chromebook is as easy as logging into your emails. Just sign into your Google Account and it’ll give you your Gmail, Google Photos and all your Google Drive documents (including docs, sheets and slides). You’ll also have all your preferences for the Chrome internet browser (including favourites, settings, backgrounds and more). It’s all your stuff, all in one place.

And you won’t lose your work just because your wi-fi drops. Enable offline working, and should your wireless go down, you’ll still be able to carry on working. Then when it’s restored, your apps and programs will be updated with what you’ve been doing. That way, when your wi-fi fails, you don’t.

Chromebooks offer up to 12 hours of battery life, meaning you can work all day without needing your charger. And with Google Play’s unrivalled selection of apps and games at your disposal, you can work – or play – exactly how you want.

The speedy type

Chromebook: a laptop without the hassle

(Image credit: Acer)

Chromebooks are fast, too. Wicked fast. They’re designed with modern computing in mind. Because they use solid state drives instead of hard drives, boot up in just seconds and update automatically in the background, they stay fast over time. That means no more waiting; you can just get started and get things done. And with Google Assistant at your beck and call on selected models, getting answers is as quick and easy as asking the question out loud.

But that’s not Google Assistant’s only talent. It can also schedule appointments for you, and set reminders and alarms, and again, all you have to do is speak. Which makes organising your busy life easier than ever.

And then of course there’s the Everything Button, which scours your Chromebook and the web simultaneously, finding relevant answers to your search query in seconds. Think of it as your go-to when you need something, fast.

All the apps you need

Come work or play, a Chromebook has you covered. The Google Play app store has everything to keep you productive as well as entertained. Time to unwind? Stream the best films, TV shows and music with apps like Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and the Google Play Store itself. Need to get productive? Access Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint all online. The variety of apps available make Chromebooks perfect for working hard, and playing hard too.

Peace of mind

Chromebook: a laptop without the hassle

(Image credit: Samsung)

Chromebooks are also some of the most secure devices available. Multiple layers of security keep you worry-free and ensure your device stays safe as houses. 

Virus protection comes built-in and automatically updates to defend you against security threats. No costly add-ons at the till. Every time you boot up, your Chromebook ensures your data and your identity are protected. And you can create multiple accounts for everyone in the family, with different digital ground rules for each around which websites they can access and screen time limits. That means everyone has their own private space on the Chromebook, and gives you peace of mind that everyone who uses it does so safely.

A Chromebook cuts out the clutter, letting you focus on what you need to. Whether that’s work or play, a Chromebook is the perfect device for you.

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