HP and Nvidia Team Up to Supercharge Workstations for generative AI and more

HP and NVIDIA Team Up to Supercharge Workstations for AI Creation and more
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Good news for all of the data wizards and content creator types. HP and Nvidia are joining forces to give your workstations, a major power-up for all things AI, especially a little thing you may have heard of "generative AI.” 

Jensen Huang earlier today joined HP CEO Enrique Lores in a fireside chat at HP Amplify where they unveiled full-stack AI PCs to power generative AI development.

As anyone who works with a lot of heavy data sets can tell you, these beasts from Digital Monster Island can be resource-consuming and weigh down even the most potent PC. This is where the partnership between HP and Nvidia will come in handy to not only help you push the mountains of data more quickly but also help creatives with their generative creations. 

AI PC to AI workstations: What to expect

  • Faster Data Handling: HP workstations will be equipped with special software from Nvidia (CUDA-X libraries) that can dramatically speed up how your machine processes information. This includes things like tables, text, images, and videos.
  • Massive Speed Boost for Pandas Users: If you use a program called "Pandas" to analyze data, you're in for a treat. The new software can make it up to 110 times faster, allowing you to crunch data in minutes instead of hours!
  • No Code Changes Needed: That's right, you won't need to learn a whole new system to benefit from this upgrade. The software is designed to work seamlessly with your existing tools.
  • More Powerful Workstations: HP will be offering workstations with the latest Nvidia graphics cards (GPUs) that have a ton of memory (48GB per card!) to handle even the biggest AI projects.


Overall, this collaboration between HP and Nvidia is a big win for data scientists and anyone working with AI. It will allow them to work faster and tackle even more complex tasks in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

The new software is expected to be available on HP workstations with Nvidia RTX GPUs later this month, with even more options coming later this year.

As a big workstation user, I'm personally very excited by this news. And not just because I get to take full advantage of the capabilities of these devices when we review the mobile ZBook workstations and Studio laptops in the future, and share the results with you all. 

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