Spotify Connect Allows for Wi-Fi Speaker Streaming

Are you addicted to Spotify, but tired of having to be near your mobile device to enjoy some tunes? A cure has arrived in the form of  "Spotify Connect," a feature that will allow users to stream their favorite songs to any compatible set of wireless speakers.  

Spotify Connect is meant to keep your music playing around you at all times, as you can instantly switch from your mobile device to your home speaker system in the middle of a song. Once updated with Connect, the Spotify mobile app will automatically detect wireless speakers in range. After music playback has been transferred to a compatible set of Wi-Fi speakers, users can use their smartphones or tablet as a remote for pausing and skipping tracks. Connect will help users conserve battery on their devices, as playback no longer has to come directly from a listener's phone or tablet. 

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According to a press release, Connect will be compatible with wireless speaker brands such as Argon, Denon, Marantz, Philips, and Yamaha, with more to be announced in the future. Supported devices will carry a Spotify Connect logo.

Connect is the second new feature Spotify has rolled out in the past two months, with the social playlist "Browse" feature launching in early August. However, unlike Browse, Connect will be exclusive to premium subscribers. The service will roll out "over the coming months" for iOS devices and later for Android and desktop. With these new updates, it's clear that Spotify is aiming to provide a social listening experience that stays with users throughout the entire day.

Michael Andronico
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