MSI Gaming Laptops Level Up with Intel Broadwell CPUs

Fourth generation? That's so old hat. At least it will be for MSI gaming laptops. The company announced that it's making the leap from Intel fourth-generation processors (Haswell) to the new fifth-gen CPUs (Broadwell). The new chips will be featured in at least 20 of MSI's notebooks including the GS60 Ghost, GT72 Dominator and the monster GT80 Titan SLI

The new processors offer increased processing power with longer battery life and better graphics performance, which will be like manna from heaven for many gamers. The laptops will also be outfitted with Killer DoubleShot Pro, which cuts down on network latency by running high-priority traffic (like your game) through the fastest and most stable network. Because even the smallest lag can spell the difference between the gnashed teeth of defeat and the boisterous yell of victory.

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However, you can't enjoy a game without show-stopping audiovisuals. To that end, MSI has updated its notebooks with its proprietary True Color Technology, which calibrates color temperature, visual color range and gray level stage. Equipped with several built-in presets including Gamer, sRBG and Designer, the company hopes to satisfy a number of visual tastes and use cases. The audio software is also being revamped, with the company swapping out Creative Labs Sound Blaster Cinema 2 software for Nahimic, a program that serves up virtual 7.1 high-definition sound. 

MSI takes things one step further with the GT72 Donimator, outfitting it with Nvidia's G-Sync display technology. Nvidia's new tech synchs up the GPU with the display refresh rates, essentially eliminating screen tearing, stuttering and lag for sharper images. Unfortunately, the massive 17-inch is the only laptop in MSI's arsenal to offer this software. The Dominator will also be the only MSI notebook to offer USB 3.1 connectivity, currently the fastest method to transfer data between devices. 

If you're interested in adding some oomph to your PC gaming, each of MSI's 20 refreshed notebook models will be available for sale immediately. 

Sherri L. Smith
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