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88 Percent of American Moms Have Smartphones: Survey

Apparently we needed a survey to tell us that moms these days, like everyone else, just can't survive without technology. A nationwide study commissioned by Kensington found the five things American mothers can't live without are a purse or wallet, smartphone, car, keys and child's homework or backpack. What's shocking is the discovery that more moms are willing to double back for their forgotten purse or wallet (81 percent) than for a child (64 percent). 

Most mothers (88 percent) have smartphones, but the survey found that the top electronic device that helps simplify their lives is a laptop, garnering 46 percent of votes. If you combine the scores for iPhone (40 percent) and Samsung Galaxy smartphone (18 percent) though, smartphones pull ahead as the top electronic device with 58 percent. Other popular gadgets to simplify lives include televisions (37 percent) and iPads (21 percent).

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The survey of 1,000 adult Americans also found that moms most frequently reported having lost their phones at a family member or friend's home (32 percent), followed by a car (24 percent), child's bedroom (17 percent), store/retail outlet (16 percent) and school (16 percent). Of course, whether misplacing your phone in your car or your child's bedroom really counts as having lost it is debatable.

More traditional things on the list of moms' must-haves for the day include cigarettes (11 percent) and paper coupons (19 percent), reminding us that while tech can solve many problems, there are some pleasures it just can't provide.