How to Use PowerPoint 2013 Smart Guides to Align Images and Text

In PowerPoint 2010, you had to eye your slide layout on the fly, trying to line up images and text based on your estimation. With Microsoft's PowerPoint 2013, the Smart Guides feature lets you be exact. Here's how to make sure you're perfectly aligned. 

1. Click to drag an image or text near another image or text. The Smart Guides dotted lines appear automatically showing when you’re aligned with other images or text.

2. Use the equidistant guide to evenly space out several images or text. This guide will automatically appear when you click and drag to move images or text around (you'll see dotted lines with arrows on the end; that indicates that your graphic or text is evenly spaced with those around it).

3. Click and drag an image around until you see a vertical dotted line appear down the center of the picture. This will align text to be perfectly centered above or below an image.

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