Do you Hook up your Netbook to a Larger Display via VGA?

When it comes to the ports that surround today's netbooks things are as predictable as an episode of Saved By The Bell: 2 to 3 USB 2.0, an Ethernet, VGA, mic and headphone and a card reader. I have no doubt that most of those ports are used quite frequently, especially the USBs for connecting peripherals such as an external mouse or broadband card. However, the other day I was checking out a new netbook that didn't have the most accessible VGA port and I began to wonder: how many netbook buyers actually utilize the external display jack on a regular basis? While I envision some using the port from time to time to hook up their netbook to a projector to give a presentation, do many actually hook their netbook up to a larger monitor at their desk? This hints at the larger question of how many are using their netbooks beyond the mobile atmosphere and while at their desks. So tell us, do you use that VGA port or is it useless and should that real estate just be converted into an additional USB port, like this clever solderer was able to pull off?