Do you Hook up your Netbook to a Larger Display via VGA?

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34-115-489-14When it comes to the ports that surround today's netbooks things are as predictable as an episode of Saved By The Bell: 2 to 3 USB 2.0, an Ethernet, VGA, mic and headphone and a card reader. I have no doubt that most of those ports are used quite frequently, especially the USBs for connecting peripherals such as an external mouse or broadband card. However, the other day I was checking out a new netbook that didn't have the most accessible VGA port and I began to wonder: how many netbook buyers actually utilize the external display jack on a regular basis? While I envision some using the port from time to time to hook up their netbook to a projector to give a presentation, do many actually hook their netbook up to a larger monitor at their desk? This hints at the larger question of how many are using their netbooks beyond the mobile atmosphere and while at their desks. So tell us, do you use that VGA port or is it useless and should that real estate just be converted into an additional USB port, like this clever solderer was able to pull off?
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  • Kairi Says:

    I bought an HP Mini that comes with the VGA Port that I use for presentations, tutoring sessions, and watching vids on my desktop monitor. It would have been nice to have an HDMI connection too to connect to the television, but since my Wii does pretty well, it doesn't seem like a problem. As for the Ethernet, I have used it possibly twice in the last year.

  • gary woods Says:

    have ports on tv new flat screen i bought this as to use to see i cant see that great anymore so if hook up ?what need do after plugged into my acer notbook ??????? please help ...thank-you .......woodz1.

  • gary woods Says:

    can i use the port on new led flat screen tv it has port as dose mt acer notebook???? after plug in what neerd to do ??????thanx woods1

  • Brie Says:

    I use it everyday because, although I love my netbook many of the video games I want to play need higher resolution.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Having optional abilities is attractive. Even though I would prefer portability to being tethered larger screen, using it with projectors or hooking it up to any TV (with an adapter) no matter where I go is tremendously useful and comforting. The signal strength of HDMI or DVI would be nicer, though. I'd rather not be forced to downgrade to a VGA signal.

  • Dkef Says:

    I end up using the VGA out almost every day. I use my netbook (samsung nc10) with a old 19 inch monitor and bluetooth keyboard/mouse that I leave at my office. When I get in, I just plug it in and away I go. Works great to do everyday tasks such as word processing (a bulk of what I do), respond to e-mail, read scientific articles as pdf,s etc. that can be frustrating on a little screen. I barely notice the weight in my bag during the commute (compared to some of my previous laptops) and since the device was so inexpensive, I'm not particularly worried about it. Once I'm home, I use it as a living room tablet to do basic web browsing, etc. and the battery life means I don't have to think about where I left the charger. In this application, no VGA would be a definite no-go!

  • slip Says:

    VGA and Ethernet port seem to be one of the few remaining barriers to the ultimate shrinkage of laptops and netbooks. It seems like the technology is there to shrink laptops further than we've seen, but those ports keep the heights to a certain minimum.

    Another question might be: who still uses their *Ethernet* ports? Especially on netbooks, which seem to scream out "Get away from your desk! Unwire!"

  • Robin Says:

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  • JonGl Says:

    What is ironic about my "no" vote is that when I bought my Wind, I fully expected to use the port regularly. The resolution was low enough that I thought I would be needing it. However, I've only found one program that does not run at all. That, and the portability of the Wind without a monitor attached, keeps me from bothering with it. Now, I _do_ use the port a lot, but only plugged into projectors. :-)


  • Minna Says:

    I use the VGA port frequently, but I don't (usually) hook it up to display at my desk. I hook it up to our flat-screen TV and use the netbook as light HTPC and stream video and music from my Mac Mini (which is located in the home office) via wireless home network. I sometimes also surf in the internet with this combo. I use my IdeaPad S10e to many other things too, but "media PC" is one of the most important. It saves me from burning CD and DVD discs, for example. I would be lost if I didn't have the VGA port!

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