AMD Vision APU Lands on Gateway NV Series for $399

AMD's  E series APU, the one that shares the CPU and an integrated graphics solution on the same silicon chip, has landed on a new manufacturer's wares today. That new kid on the block is  the 15.6-inch Gateway NV Series.

Two different Gateway notebooks will support the AMD platform. The Gateway NV51B05u will pair the E-350 with ATI Radeon HD 6310 discrete graphics for better casual game play and online video streaming, and will start at $499.99. The other option, the  NV 51B02u, won't include the ATI Radeon graphics, and starts at an even friendlier $399. Both systems pack the Gateway NV Series' familiar LED-backlit pixel display with a 1366x768 pixel resolution, a 1.3-MP webcam, 3 USB ports, and HDMI.

Excited for the new union of AMD Vision chips and Gateway notebooks? Check out the new NV Series with AMD Vision at

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