The best brand-building apps

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Whether you’re there for business or personal reasons, if you’re on social media, you want your feed to go viral or at least get more than 10 likes. Many of us study what others are doing and try to figure out what makes their content stand out and why we are not getting the response we’re seeking. 

Most times we think it’s our approach that we need to invest more money in our preferred social media app to gain traction. However, most of it has to do with the tools you use to not only create content but also distribute. 

Tools that help you create eye-catching content like, Qoob Stories, Combin Growth, Combin Scheduler, are becoming available to everyone. The ultimate goal is to enhance your ability to upgrade the quality of your content and grow your personal or business brand. Here are some apps that can help you with that. 

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(Image credit: Open Media) allows users to extract vocal and instrumental tracks from any audio which you can then use to mix a fresh new beat. Created by a team of specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and digital signal processing, the powerful AI helps speed your creative process along. If you’re a DJ, producer, or content creator, the ability to quickly achieve this seamless separation creates endless opportunities to mix different tracks with different vocals and vice versa allowing you to create endlessly. 

It’s as easy as going to the (opens in new tab) website and dragging and dropping your audio files into the selected file area on the homepage and the AI does the rest of the work. Best of all, you can try it out for free as you can download up to three songs or 10MB of audio. 

Qoob Stories 

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Another great tool to gather content and creative ideas is the Qoob Stories app. Qoob Stories is a quick and easy way to not only view Instagram but also download stories, videos, and photos from the Gram onto your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer to save for later viewing and inspiration. With Qoob Stories, you can see what other people and brands are doing and gain insights into what works when trying to grow your Instagram presence. 

With Qoob Stories, you can browse Instagram without the distraction of ads, while also filtering out the Grams you’re not interested in viewing and archiving the ones you wish to view and keep up to date on. It's quick and easy to set up and then Qoob Stories does the rest of the work for you. 

Combin Growth 

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Let's work on growing your social media presence. With Combin’s Growth app, you can use the company’s powerful tools to gather target audience information, analysis, and find out the kind of engagement you should focus on to gain new followers who will be loyal to your brand. 

With Combin Growth, you’re given the specialized information influencers use to grow their brands. Stats ranging from who is following you and unfollowing you, how many likes, comments, and the ability to run searches on hashtags to know which ones are trending. You’re given the ability to research specific groups based on languages and genders giving you precise demographics to target and gain new followers. 

Using Combin’s powerful AI, your brand will learn if other influencers are gaining low, high-quality, and active followers. These metrics are key when growing your brand as they will help you make fact-based creative decisions that will help you manage your content and followers better. With a plethora of advanced tools at your disposal, you can really level up your social media game. 

Combin Scheduler 

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In order to be successful at social media, you constantly need to add content – well not you per se. If you have Combin Scheduler, you can schedule when your social media content will be released according to when most users are active. The free app grants you the power to take all the information you’ve gathered from Combin Growth, to schedule your posts, videos and stories when they will gain the most attention and most interaction from your followers.   

Combin Scheduler literally allows you to set it and forget it. Using Combin Scheduler allows the focus to be on creating targeted content for your followers, old and new alike. It frees up to do what you do best, which is having fun and creating. Meanwhile, Combin Scheduler does the work of releasing your content at the most opportune times that will bring you and your brand the most followers and positive attention.