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Perfect Dark game could be in the works — but it's not what you're thinking

Perfect Dark
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Initiative might be working on a third-person Perfect Dark game, according to an industry insider.

Jeffrey Grubb, a video game journalist and reliable insider, responded to a question about what The Initiative was working on in a Kinda Funny Games Daily Twitch chat room with: "It's Perfect Dark."

Is it really Perfect Dark?

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However, Grubb attempted to roll back his statement about Perfect Dark, staying that it might not be Perfect Dark, but it'll be "playing" in that universe. He doubles down by saying, "Please put the emphasis on 'playing' in that universe. Don't take that as necessarily meaning it is 'set' in that universe. It's still early, so."

His comments spiral from it's Perfect Dark to it's not really Perfect Dark then it's not set in the same universe, but it's kind of Perfect Dark? It's confusing, but there may be some air of truth to it, as another industry insider, Daniel Ahmad, comments "Not quite" to the original "It's Perfect Dark" statement.

What I've translated this mess of communication into is that this game sounds like a spiritual successor to Perfect Dark with a third-person twist.

We'll see what The Initiative has to say about these rumors when the studio finally unveils what it's working on.