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NEC NP100 Review

The NEC NP100 projector costs less than $500 yet offers plenty of brightness and portability.

Dell M209X Review

The M209X, Dell's newest projector, has a fresh look and even fresher specs.

InFocus IN15 Review

The InFocus IN15 is a remarkably thin and bright projector that sports a motorized focus and optical zoom.

Optoma EP1691 Review

LAPTOP Magazine reviews the Optoma EP1691. This powerful and portable business projector is tailor made for widescreen notebooks.

Optoma EP727 Review

LAPTOP Magazine reviews the Optoma EP727. This $700 projector is less than 5 pounds but is loaded with high-end features.

Sanyo PLC-XU87 Review

Laptop Magazine reviews Sanyo PLC-XU87, Sanyo's portable projector offers plenty of brightness and wireless connectivity, but it could be easier to use.

Casio Super Slim XJ-S35 Review

Laptop Magazine reviews Casio Super Slim XJ-S35, at just 1.7-inches thin, this portable projector can easily be stowed in a laptop travel bag.

Epson PowerLite S4 Review

Laptop Magazine reviews Epson PowerLite S4, the Epson PowerLite S4 delivers rich, huge images at a staggeringly low price.