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Amazon MatchBook Offers Discounted Kindle Versions of Print Books

Who says print is dead? With its new Kindle MatchBook service, Amazon is looking to offer a carrot to customers who purchase physical books by letting them purchase the Kindle version for free or at a...

Kobo Mini Review

The Kobo Mini's 5-inch display gives e-reader fans a portable and affordable option, but the reading experience feels cramped compared with the competition.

Kobo Aura HD Review

The Kobo Aura HD offers the most crisp and clear e-reading experience around, but you'll pay a tablet price.

Barnes and Noble Takes on Kindle Direct Publishing with Nook Press

Barnes & Noble just took the wraps off Nook Press, a brand-new service for budding authors. The updated self-publishing platform builds on the company's previous PubIt! platform, which is the Nook...

PaperTab Brings (Interactive) Paper Back to the (Physical) Desktop

New technology from Plastic Logic, Intel and researchers from Queen's University in Ontario is placing a high-tech spin on old-school paper, and in the process they're giving a whole new meaning to ju...

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite lets users read in the dark without a hassle, but is it worth the price?

Hands-On 'The Hobbit: Enhanced Edition' E-Book for Tolkien Lovers

With the anticipated release of "The Hobbit: Part 1" this December, any self-respecting "Lord of the Rings" fan will want to brush up on his or her knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien's prequel ahead of time....

Kobo Tries to Steal Amazon's Thunder with Arc Tablet, Glo E-Reader

Amazon is scheduled to make a big announcement later today, presumably to unveil the Kindle Fire 2, new Kindle e-readers and, some say, a smartphone. But the Kobo folks are here to let some air out of...

Sony Reader PRS-T2 Review

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 has fun features like easily adding notes to books, but does it stack up against the competing eReaders on the market?

Wexler Flex One eReader Hands-On: eInk Screen Bends, Doesn't Break

We keep hearing about flexible displays, but in reality, the idea of a tablet or phone that you can bend in half or roll up like a newspaper is years away. However, right now today, Russian gadget-mak...