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myAOL Review

Our Verdict

A clunky but functional RSS reader.

In many ways the most rudimentary and unpolished of personal pages, myAOL is a beta that tries to fold behavioral mapping into the process. At its heart, this is an online RSS reader. With little control over the look and feel of the page, you pretty much just subscribe to a catalog of feeds from major media brands and popular blogs like CNN and Engadget. It's a perfectly acceptable reader, however.

The preview pane dominates the screen and lets you expand a headline to see the contents, including image feeds. Recommended Content, which we couldn't customize as of press time, is found in the lower part of the screen; this box responds to your own feed-reading habits to push similar headlines to the surface. The "People Like Me Content" aggregates the behaviors of people with similar browsing habits as yours and then feeds in stories they are clicking on.

It is unclear how myAOL will evolve, but we hope it will. The feed reader is competent, and there may be a place for recommendation engines to help us discover more content we want. As of now, it has none of the widgets, e-mail monitoring, or drag-and-drop customization of other start pages. There is a gem of an idea here, but it's far from a personal page.

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