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Firedog/PlumChoice Review

Our Verdict

After some initial confusion, Firedog/PlumChoice wowed us with excellent support and low fees.

Our visit to the Firedog site was slightly misleading. We tried to initiate an online session but were routed to After further investigation we discovered that Firedog has a partnership with PlumChoice to conduct all their online support sessions. PlumChoice undercut its competitors' wireless security setup by $10, charging us just $39. Peripheral setup ranges from $39 to $99, and a full PC tuneup costs $129. PlumChoice also offers an affordable monthly subscription ($89.95 for the first month, $25 per month thereafter) for unlimited access to its support services and an included PC tuneup.

Our one criticism of the service is that you can't gain immediate tech support. Instead, you need to make an appointment--we had to wait about 35 minutes for the next available slot. You can reschedule appointments online, but outright canceling without notice will result in a $25 service fee, which is reverted into 15 minutes of credit for future remote support. After submitting our appointment, we were instructed to call the toll-free number. Our phone rep took our billing information and told us that our technician would call within 60 minutes of our appointment. We were expecting cable-TV installation-grade tardiness, but to our surprise our technician called within one minute of our appointment time.

Our tech connected via GoToAssist and from here it took only 27 minutes for Firedog/PlumChoice to set up our wireless security. Our technician was very polite and helpful and the most knowledgeable by far. Not only did he set up our network with the most powerful WPA encryption, but he also configured access control within our router. The technician explained that each computer's wireless receiver has a unique MAC address and that the router would only grant access to the two PCs in our home. Then he showed us how to add additional devices to the list. Any other devices, even if they had the passcode, wouldn't be allowed onto our wireless network.

Overall, we highly recommend Firedog/PlumChoice ( Although you don't get immediate access to a technician, you can access one usually in less than an hour, and the level of service more than makes up for the time you'll have to wait.

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