Get free 'Space Jam' NFTs — are you lucky enough to get a rare digital collectible?

Space Jam NFTs
Space Jam NFTs (Image credit: Nifty/Warner Bros.)

Free Space Jam NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be yours, thanks to a slam-dunk partnership between Warner Bros. and Nifty's. Warner Bros. is the engine behind the new Space Jam film with LeBron James. Nifty's, on the other hand, is an NFT-focused social media platform.

NFTs are digital doohickeys backed by blockchain technology, which acts as a certificate of authenticity because it holds a record of ownership. For example, a Eminem fan would pay a premium for Slim Shady NFT because the blockchain validates that his favorite artist is the original owner.

NFTs are a mind-warping concept, but you can get two of them for free by signing up for a Nifty's account and tweeting a promotional message.

Warner Bros. and Nifty's partner up for the world's biggest film NFT drop

Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the 90's basketball flick that starred Michael Jordan, is stirring up excitement after Warner Bros. and Nifty's released 91,000 limited-edition NFTs. The digital collectibles feature Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Porky Pig. You'll also find James, the sequel's superstar, on some NFTs, too.

Space Jam NFTs

Space Jam NFTs (Image credit: Nifty's/Warner Bros.)

After signing up for a Nifty's account and sharing a social media post, you can get two NFTs of varying rarity. I, unfortunately, got two "common" cards: one with Speedy Gonzales, and another with Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner (Meep, meep!) However, a friend of mine was able to secure an uncommon card of Bugs Bunny.

You can try your luck at purchasing a $2.99 NFT to see if you get one of the stunning rare collectibles like the duo below.

Space Jam NFTs

Space Jam NFTs (Image credit: Nifty's/Warner Bros.)

The silver NFT on the left is classified as "Epic," meaning there are only 500 available. The eye-catching purple NFT on the right is classified as "Legendary" — there are only 10 in circulation.

According to Fast Company, Nifty's CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio likened the Space Jam NFT launch to the Willy Wonky experience. "You might get lucky and get a rare NFT. The thinking here is that we want this to be fun for everyone and to be inclusive for everyone. We don’t want economics to be a barrier to having fun with this project," Marsilio said.

You might have read the jaw-dropping articles about celebrities and artists selling NFTs for thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars. As such, Marsilio's goal of making NFTs more accessible to everyday consumers appealed to Warner Bros. 

“That goal, combined with our constant focus on creating lasting connections for our fans, is what makes this NFT program so exciting for us,” Pam Lifford, Warner Bros.’s president of global brands and experiences, told Variety

Space Jam: A New Legacy is not the first film to launch an NFT. In March, Legendary Entertainment debuted an NFT collection to promote Godzilla vs. Kong. However, this Space Jam NFT launch is much bigger.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set to launch on July 16 in US movie theatres and HBO Max.

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