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PS5 price, release date and more possibly revealed by leaker

(Image credit: PlayStation)

PS5 fans are reeling after Sony's Future of Gaming event, but it left out some important info about the console, including its release date and price.

Fortunately, prolific PS5 leaker @IronManPS5 has taken it upon themself to bring a lot of those details to you ahead of today's event, and while this shouldn't be taken as fact, the account has had enough hits to make its predictions worth a look (via BGR).

PS5 pricing

Considering the recent alleged price leak from Amazon UK, this one is definitely top of mind for us. According to the @IronManPS5's sources, the PS5 is going to come in at $499. 

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However, there remains some question as to whether there will be multiple storage options at different price points available at launch. Following the PS5 event we know there are at least two options in the form of the standard and "Digital Edition," but that hasn't really clarified much in terms of pricing.

The PS4 had a single option at launch and it's possible that with the exception of the disk drive that the two versions of the PS5 are identical. Will the digital edition come in cheaper at $399 or was the Amazon leak right and there will be a $599 2TB SSD option?

PS5 release date

While the leaker didn't offer an exact date for the PS5 launch, one lengthy post on the state of next-gen consoles in 2020 did touch on it.

The message indicated that the PS5 would be launched with six weeks remaining in 2020. This would place the launch during the week of November 16. This is unchanged from the leaker's previous predictions regarding the launch date, and it also aligns with previous PlayStation console launches.

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PS5 console reveal

We've updated this article now that Sony has officially revealed the PS5. Based on the brief glimpse we got of the console, it appears to be sitting on a removable circular base that elevates the front end of the console when it is positioned vertically. We'll need to see it in person to see exactly how it all works. Regardless, the PS5 can be placed on its bottom or side for a vertical or horizontal orientation. I've got to admit, it looks a bit funky on its side.

PS5 console revealed

(Image credit: Sony)

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about the design, however. The divisive aesthetic has sparked some polarizing opinions, much like the new DualSense controller, which also features a mostly white color scheme with some black and blue accents. 

There are two versions of the PS5, a regular PS5 with a 4K Blu-ray drive and a PS5 Digital Edition without a disk drive. The all-digital version is slightly thinner than the standard edition and it has a slightly smaller base. 

PlayStation VR for PS5

While we have known that Sony will continue to support VR with the PS5, details surrounding it have been minimal so far. Fortunately, the leaker had a few new details on hardware and pricing.

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A new wireless PlayStation VR headset will allegedly arrive in 2021 for $399. This would match the launch price of the original PlayStation VR, but there is no word on what will be included. With the launch of the original PlayStation VR, a $499 bundle included a game along with the necessary camera and Move controllers.

PS5 game pricing

This question was settled when listings of the first PS5 game were made available for pre-order, but the leaker throws support behind the idea that pricing for top-tier games will be $59.99.

The one new detail here is that there will be a $5 to $10 drop-in PS4 game pricing, but that is to be expected in the transition to a new console generation.

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