Will.i.am Wants to Turn your iPhone into a 14-megapixel "Genius Phone"

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Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am brought music to the cold Martian surface, and now, he's turning his attention to yet another star: The iPhone. The musician plans to launch a new camera accessory for Apple's crown jewel next week, which he claims will transform the iDevice from a just another smartphone with an 8-megapixel camera into a photography prodigy with a 14-megapixel shooter.

"We have our own sensor and a better flash," Will.i.am told Britain's Daily Telegraph. "You dock you phone into our device and it turns your smartphone into a genius-phone. We take over the camera."

Created for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, Will.i.am claims the camera accessory will be the first of several "i.am+" branded products. Expect to hear more details and pricing information when the camera accessory is officially announced in London next week.

Other phones have out-performed Apple on the camera front and offer features the iPhone lacks, such as Burst Mode and the stability enhancements and low-light chops in Nokia's PureView-equipped phones. Nevertheless, the iPhone 5's 8-megapixel shooter is one of the better all-around performers out there, delivering bold colors, impressive video and a nifty panoramic mode. Considering that, Will.i.am's gadget will likely have to deliver to a mix of strong performance, competitive pricing and a lightweight design to convince iPhone owners to splurge on a third-party camera accessory.

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