T-Mobile's Customer Service Rated Dead Last. Again.

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A new J.D. Power Customer Care study indicates that T-Mobile ranks dead last in customer service, behind all the other major carriers. The carrier came in last in the last study as well, which took place between July and December 2011.

The semiannual Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study takes into account how well carriers' customer service functions through phone, walk-in and online channels over the past six months. Concluding this June, the study polled 7,428 customers on their experiences. Verizon Wireless ranked first for the third consecutive time, while Sprint Nextel followed with AT&T then T-Mobile behind.

When we did our Carrier Support Showdown in February, T-Mobile earned an overall grade of B. Their in-store support ranked an A for their helpfulness and accuracy. They earned a B for online support for the quick responsiveness but lengthiness in getting real answers. And their phone support ranked a C because of a long hold period, difficultly in understanding the customer service rep and poor advice. Although not all aspects of our T-Mobile customer service experience were positive, their general rating was decent.

Unfortunately, it looks like T-Mobile's service is only going to get worse as the carrier cut 900 jobs in May to deal with company restructuring on top of a 1,900 job reduction at call centers announced in March. 

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  • SHARON MAY Says:

    T-MOBILE IS THE WORST CELL COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!! They deserve being last place in customer service....they are severely INFLEXIBLE and only spout company policy replies when customer trying to fix something. As others state, they know you cannot switch cell phone provider until your contract is up, which in my case is 1 yr., 8 months..........I'm screwed till then.

    I had my Samsung Galaxy II phone stolen in New Zealand and had no use of phone for a month till I returned to states. I pay for insurance which doesn't cover loss of service ($85), costs me $130 deductible to replace phone, phone on back order and unable to replace (MY)phone, will not let me upgrade for additional fee, always talk to someone in customer service(even manager) who has no authority to change anything. My conclusion CHOOSE ANOTHER CELL PHONE PROVIDER before you sign up with T-Mobile!!

    (T-Mobile is in financial trouble and they are taking it out on the backs of customers) BEWARE!!!

  • M.Edwards Says:

    T-Mobile has absolutely terrible customer service. I hate having to call them, it makes my blood boil I can barely be civil anymore. I do feel bad for the Customer Service Reps, cause I beleive it is just T-Mobile's policy to piss people off cause they know if you have a contract you are pretty much screwed until it ends.

  • Debi T Says:

    As an Australian who frequently travels to the US for business of all the carriers there, the best customer service I've received in-person has been with T-Mobile, where Verizon, AT&amp;T were rude and dismissive.

    However, I am currently having a problem with my account which I cannot fix online and so have had to call up T-Mobile customer service three times this week and the problem still is not solved. Seems that their processes are so inflexible that even if their staff want to try and help you, their hands are tied.

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