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T-Mobile To Broadcast Caller ID On Mobile Phones, For a Fee

Wireless carrier T-Mobile just announced a new caller ID service that will show caller identity information to users with supporting handsets. Billed as Name ID, the feature will cost $3.99 a month and is promised to display phone numbers and names of incoming calls outside of users contact lists.

Up until now, T-Mobile users could only see caller info if a person already resided in their on-board phone directory. Name ID will extend this ability to all phone calls. Of course, software solutions such as Google's Voice service already have this feature, at least showing phone numbers if a name can't be found, and is available for free.

T-Mobile plans to enable Name ID on a select group of smartphones at first, with the Samsung Exhibit 4G being the first and the upcoming myTouch 4G slide expected to gain the ability at launch. T-Mobile will also offer Name ID free for 10 days initially but will charge customers after that.