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T-Mobile CEO Offers Free Wi-Fi Calling, Drops F-Bombs

The self-proclaimed Un-carrier wireless network isn’t happy with the current state of wireless, and CEO John Legere is on a personal mission to fix it. During his F-bomb-laced presentation at the T-Mobile Un-carrier 7.0 event in San Francisco today (Sept. 10), Legere announced several new features to its rapidly expanding network.

The headline feature is free calls and texts over Wi-Fi for all T-Mobile customers. Every new T-Mobile device will come with this ability built in. Customers with older devices will be able to upgrade through T-Mobile’s Jump program. Wi-Fi calling will work together with T-Mobile's Voice-over-LTE technology to let calls transfer automatically from Wi-Fi to LTE, as when moving from your home to the car.

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Legere also showed off the new T-Mobile Personal Cellspot which routes calls -- even from older phones -- over your broadband connection to provide better in-house reception for hard-to-reach spots, such as basements. The Cellspot will be free to all users with a monthly plan for a $25 deposit, or $99 upfront. (This isn't the first time wireless carriers have pitched such devices.)

T-Mobile added a treat for frequent flyers through a partnership with Gogo. All T-Mobile users will receive unlimited texting on any Gogo flight, which covers 75 percent of domestic trips.

Legere announced these plans with his typical brash, cussing style, proclaiming T-Mobile’s takeover of the third spot for biggest wireless network (from Sprint) a forgone conclusion. Legere positioned the company as less of a wireless phone network and more of a mobile Internet provider. 

Recently T-Mobile has been aggressive in undercutting plans from competing networks while also providing the fastest 4G LTE speeds (based on its claims and independent tests). With Legere hungry to go after AT&T and Verizon, it’s no surprise that T-Mobile has become the fastest growing wireless company.