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T-Mobile and Walmart Team Up To Offer $30 No Contract 4G Data

The battle for pre-paid smartphone customers is heating up. Clearly an effort to counter Sprint and Virgin Mobile's rock bottom cellular service, wireless carrier T-Mobile and mega retailer Walmart announced plans to provide fast 4G data for a low $30 monthly fee. The plan will also offer unlimited web, text, and 100 minutes of voice service. 

Users considering the new 4G plan, which launches on October 16th, should know that hi-speed data is limited to 5GB per month. After this ceiling is reached, network access is throttled down to 2G speeds. Another caveat is that once users' 100 minutes of talk time runs out, they will be charged 10 cents per minute there after.

It remains unclear what 4G smartphones will be sold as part of the new service. A T-Mobile spokesperson told us only that a 4G capable handset will be, "offered in the near future." In fact there isn't even a name for the new 4G package as of yet, only that plans will be offered in Walmart stores, and at the Walmart and T-Mobile web sites. Stay tuned as we learn more.