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Moto X Phone Features May Include 'Magic Glass' Display

An onslaught of leaks and images have painted a fairly clear picture of Motorola’s Moto X smartphone, and the  newest of the bunch suggests it may come with a “Magic Glass” display that wraps around the phone to create a seamless design.

The technology is said to be a strengthened sheet of Gorilla Glass that is molded to cover not only the device’s face but its sides as well. This glass is coated with a layer of polymer to withstand bumps and bruises, meaning that phones with this “Magic Glass” will be more durable than most of their competitors.

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The specialty Gorilla Glass is meant to create a form factor that would be consistent throughout the device’s chassis, essentially resulting in a fluid design with a barely noticeable gap between the display, its sides and rear shell. The tip comes from former Android and Me chief Taylor Wimberly, who also revealed that the phone will feature a laminated aluminum material that keeps its frame strong while remaining thin and light.

The new leak surfaces just as new press shots of the Moto X phone have reportedly made their way online, showing a Nexus-like face with Motorola’s textured pattern back and logo. Interestingly enough, the photo that Wimberly posted to Google+ along with the "Magic Glass" tip (shown above) looks like it features a black face and white rear shell, just like the white edition of Google's Nexus 4. The press shots below, however, show  matching front and back colors for what is presumed to be the white Moto X phone. 

The rumors are sure to be put to rest later this week when Motorola holds its New York City press event, where it will introduce the long-rumored Moto X on August 1. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the phone’s name and that it will be manufactured in the U.S. a few months back at this year’s D11 conference, but other features and specifications have remained unconfirmed.