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Innergie PocketDuo: Refuels iPad Once, Phones Four Times

Maybe it's CES 2013, but we feel like mobile chargers are a gift from on high for gadget-lovers. A recent example is the Innergie PocketDuo, a pint-size charging device with a 6800mAh battery on the inside and two USB ports for charging tablets and smartphones on the outside. Thank you, gadget gods.

We ran into Innergie on the CES 2013 show floor and got an early peek at the recently announced $99 emergency power system.

Music to our ears: A fully-fueled PocketDuo can charge a dead iPad to 100 percent in a little more than an hour, according to an Innergie rep. Smartphones, depending on the size of the battery, can absorb full servings of juice up to four times.

About the same size as a pico projector, the actual charging device is a little too big and heavy to fit in a pants pocket, but it's not noticeable in a laptop or messenger bag. It charges via microUSB port using an included wire. And here’s a really cool part: That include wire had three ports, all conveniently connected using an innovative series of clasp mechanisms we’ve never seen before. The cord features microUSB, miniUSB and an Apple-proprietary 30-pin jack for the 2nd- and 3rd-generation iPad and the iPhone 4 and 4S.

You may have noticed we made no mention of the Lightning charging tip needed to power the iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display and iPhone 5. That’s because Innergie will be releasing a new cord sometime this spring (around April for about $25, reps said) with all four charging tips on it. In the meantime, keep those Lightning cords handy!