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Hands-On with Facebook's New Mobile Timeline for the iPhone

Facebook just rolled out version 4.1 of its iOS app, which brings Mobile Timeline to the iPhone (the iPad version is forthcoming). Aside from the Timeline upgrade, iOS users can now access their friends lists, subscriptions, and subscribers right inside the updated app.

On our main profile page, we discovered that we could change our cover photo by clicking a small camera icon on the bottom right of our displayed image. We were then presented with the choice to either upload a photo from our Camera Roll, or take a new photo using our phone's built-in camera.

The left-hand slide-out menu displayed our friends lists in a separate section (right under Favorites).

Facebook 4.1's Mobile Timeline also flaunts a visual swipe-through menu right under your listed About information. Categories listed here include your profile's About, Photos, Friends, Map, Likes, Subscribers, and Subscriptions pages. We found that a quick tap on any of these slid the section smoothly into place, in a layer on top of the page we were on.

Additionally, Facebook supposedly added "faster, better performance" (as noted in their change log for this update), and indeed, the app felt snappier and more responsive. 

The Timeline profile view on became available worldwide last week, while on Android devices Mobile Timeline was immediately usable. But now, Facebook has passed Apple's stringent screening to get final approval on the iTunes App Store. You can download the app to start using Mobile Timeline on your iPhone (or iPod touch) right away.