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Google Glass May Come With Eye-Gesture Support

Just as developers and early adopters are beginning to get their hands on the first version of Google Glass, we’re beginning to learn more about the headset’s potential features. While some have scoffed at the idea that Google Glass may require voice commands to perform tasks, a recent discovery suggeststhat may not be the case.

Code buried in the MyGlass companion app for Google Glass hints that users may be able to control the head-mounted display by winking. This has yet to be confirmed by Google, but Redditor fodawim managed to find lines of code with commands such as “WINK_ENABLED,” “WINK_CALIBRATION_SUCCESS, and EYE_GESTURES_WINK_TAKE_PHOTO.”

This eye gesture support would make it less conspicuous to capture images on-the-go. Rather than saying, “Glass, take a picture,” users would theoretically blink an eye to take a photo with its 5-megapixel camera.

The calibration command also suggests that Glass users would be easily able to take photos at their own will, preventing the headset from snapping a photo every time your eye shudders. The app also contained lines of code for enabling and disabling eye gestures, meaning that this feature is likely to be optional for Glass wearers.

While this concept makes it sound seemingly easy and convenient to grab hard-to-capture moments, it’s bound to raise more privacy concerns. Local Seattle bar The 5 Point already placed a ban on wearing Google’s augmented reality eyewear while inside the establishment, and website Stop The Cyborgs is dedicated to protesting privacy issues associated with Glass. 

via Reddit